Singapore (14 December 1999 - 15 December 1999)

I arrived at Singapore airport at 3.00pm in the afternoon. I had originally wanted a whole day in the city but had not looked at my flight times to realise how short my visit would actually be. By means of a shuttle bus, the MRT and a bus, I arrived at the Singapore zoo to see the Night Safari. Set in the outskirts of the city is a large park which between 7.00pm and 12.00pm daily is open to visitors. I took a tram ride around the park and also three short walks. In the park I saw elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinoceros, jackals and many other animals. There seemed to be very little separating the animals from us and it was a very interesting visit, well worth my decision to stop over.

I caught a bus back to the airport and had a very uninspiring meal. I managed to get a reasonable sleep in the airport and at 9.00 am the next morning was on a plane back home, and the end of my one year adventure.