The flight from Heathrow to Kuwait City was comfortablr if uneventful.  A reasonably new Boeing 777, complete with entertainment system,  which aslo had the ability to view forward and downward facing cameras from the plane.  The approach into Kuwait at night, as viewed on the forward looking camera, showed just how little the pilots could see.

After an hour stopover at Kuwait City Airport it was time to board my flight to Manila.  At check in the staff looked at my boarding pass, then looked again, then looked down at another piece of paper.  What could be wrong, I was thinking.  Then the ckeckin lady said "Mr Groom, we have upgraded you to business class".  Wow, what had I done to deserve this, obviously economy was full and they needed to move some people into business, but why me? Was it just luck?, Was it because I was travelleing alone?  Was it becaase I had joined the airlines frequent flyer scheme? Was it beasue this was the second leg with the airline that day? Or a combination af all the afore mentioned?  First time I have ever flown business class, flight attendants addressing you as "Mr David", "sir David", or "David sir" , as well as the wider seats with extra reclining angle, tables with table cloths, cotton napkins, not to mention all the attention. I could get used to this!

Eight hour flight to Manila, got in at 4:30pm.  Then off to City Garden Grand Hotel, good room, OK views from the top floor resturant.  Only slight downside was WiFi not working in room.

day 1 in Manila, Brain still on UK time, so ciyukldnt sleep at first last night,and then overslept.  Overcast, but not raining, took taxi to Fort Santiago, the most historic attrraction in the city.  Interesting walk arriound, reading about the various foreign countries which had at various times attacked the Philipines.  Aftewards onto the contrast of a visit to the Mall of Asia, one of the largest shoppnmg centres in asia.

One word to sum up Manila so far - Traffic.  It takes forever to get anywhere by taxi.

Day 2  - Manila.  Exceptionally good breakfast buffet is a great way to start the day. feel a very lazy day coming on. The hotel has a pool on the roof terrace, it seems  a shame not to use it.  Weather better today, not overcast, so must be carefull not to overdo the sunshine even in the shade.