On arrival at Caticlan airport I was rather concerned that the shuttle bus from the plane drove out of the airport and into town. I hadn't yet collected my bags! But then we drove into the airport at the other side of the runway. To get to the arrival hall with the shortest baggage carousel I've ever seen 

I had taken the lazy option of pre booking a transferring to the hotels. More expensive than doing it myself, but it avoided the hassle of find a trike to the jetty, then queuing for ferry ticket, finding correct ferry, then actually finding hotel in Boracay. Hotel was at end of small path , I might not have found it on my own.

first view was encouraging, white sand and palm trees 

I was prepared to be dissapointed with Boracay, looking at a map there are lots of hotels and I was expecting the island to be over developed. However I'm pleasantly surprised. Yes, there are many hotels, and more bigger developments under construction, but the island is not as bad as I had feared. No doubt if you had come her 20 years ago you may think the island now ruined.

day 2 - Boracay. Took a snorkelling trip, from 10:00 to 4:30. Included 2 stops for snorkelling, a trip to Crystal Cove, a lunchtime stop on the southeastern side of Boracay, with Buffet lunch included, and then a trip to Puka Beach on the north of the Island. All this for about £13. This was what I came here for, the beaches, the snorkelling, and the chilled life. I'm currently sitting on the floor of the Tree House bar, which is conveniently located next to my hotel. A very chilled bar, with a good menu, but because its at the quiet end of the beach, very few customers. And quite a pleasant duet playing acoustic guitar and singing.

Boracay - Day 3. Took a trip round the island today. Going to Balagog beach, then a drive and a short walk to the highest point of the island t view back across the island. Then past the new shopping mall, and back to Puka beach where I was yesterday. Finally drive back to the hotel, stopping at the fisk market and other stalls, where I brought a few small souveniers.

Day 4. Time to leave Boracay. Walked up along the beach front a short way in the morning but it was already starting to get hot, then time to make the journey back to the airport. No direct flights to Tacloban so have to go via Cebu. Both flights delayed, which meant I arrived in Tacloban later than expected. Feel like the whole day was spent in airports.